The Context

CIGRE is the World leading event for Power Systems with 8000 attendees, 3000 delegates, 200 exhibitors, 370 meetings and mostly 88 % of international audience.

The Session is owned and organized by the CIGRE Association. The first technical exhibition was organized in 1996.

After 5 sessions of slow growth, Pro4events organized its first exhibition in 2006.
Our two targets were: widen the international offer and showcase emerging technologies to delegates.

Tasks carried out for 2012 session

Pro4events started its collaboration with the CIGRE Association in order to sell more exhibition space and to organize the technical exhibition in a spirit of equity and independence.
Sessions after sessions, with a cost efficiency target, Pro4events has become in charge of others technical and marketing activities for the Session under the agreement of the CIGRE Association.
For the 2012 Session, beyond the exhibition growth, Pro4events has been in charge of the meeting rooms technical management, video promotion, graphic design, and marketing surveys.

New services introduced

  • Job Center
  • Online and onsite Press room
  • Video promotion
  • Mobile Apps
  • Business Meeting exhibitors / delegates
  • Welcome cocktail in the exhibition (4500 pax)
  • Management of meeting rooms
  • Technical organization for the Opening Ceremony, Workshop and Opening Panel
  • Setting up of Business Internet terminals
  • Creation of a Guidebook

  • Creation of a visitor’s guide for each category
  • Graphic design and printing for posters, signboard…
  • Welcome guide
  • Follow up and technical assistance for partners
  • Designing and setting up service rooms for CIGRE
  • Post exhibition evaluation surveys
  • Setting up of business Centers and rest lounges
  • working rooms
  • Designing and setting up of welcome areas
  • Setting up of snack bars

Our results in 4 sessions (2006 to 2012)

  • Number of exhibitors x 2,5
  • Number of non-European exhibitors x 4 (India, China, South Korea and Russia)
  • Profit of the exhibition x 5

Photo gallery (sessions 2012)